Rupert has lived his entire life under the cruel reign of the black squirrels. When he finds out that the artifact that causes the immortality of his enemies is missing, he is sent on a quest to find it and claim it for his own. Rupert is determined to overthrow the evil Emperor Venul and rule justly in his stead, but he is warned by the wise white squirrel Zirreo to be cautious, for countless things can go wrong when holding an object of magic.

Years later, the Dark Wanderer, a shadowy figure claiming to be the servant of the squirrel goddess Astrippa, is loose in Arborand. When friends Mae and Flor accidentally cross paths with him, they get more than they bargained for when they discover that the darkest, wildest legends are often true.

Meanwhile, Theo, an orphaned half-breed squirrel, finds a compass that doesn’t point north and is compelled by a series of disturbing messages to set out with his faithful chipmunk servant Parris to follow where it leads.

What if inequality threatened to take over the land?

What if the gods who ruled your childhood fears came to life?

Would you bow down, or would you fight?

What if fate gifted you with only one journey on which to find out?


Before the war-torn world of A Dewdrop Away, there existed a different world, a world where magic was more than myth…

As far as Tiallin Stormskiln knows, his colony is the only one of its kind left in Arborand. None of the other squirrel races seem to want anything to do with the magic-wielding, aloof white squirrels. To honor his eleventh season, Tiallin is awarded the fortune of working for blind King Sirius, who has grown paranoid due to the mysterious fate of the last white king. When Tiallin’s job becomes to investigate the king’s suspicions, he finds he knows even less about his own colony than he thought. Can Tiallin trust anyone when everyone, including his own family, seems to harbor their own secrets?

Meanwhile, Edelle, a dutiful fox squirrel from a close knit community, embarks on a journey to save her colony from a crippling and puzzling famine, and Lute, a mixed breed misfit and former thief, is on the run from his second home and a crime he insists he didn’t commit. What happens when the destinies of three very different squirrels collide and intertwine and they are simultaneously forced to face the truth about themselves and the danger that has been patiently stalking them all from the beginning?

fall print copy RIGHT ONE

The forest of Pinewood is a silent, safe place to be. At least it is until the ground itself rises up and begins to take victims.

All former thief Lute wants is to be left alone. His last adventure haunting him, he has taken up residence in a dilapidated log, focusing on carving to drown out the noise of the ghosts in his memory. But when a mysterious customer comes calling about a mirror and Lute’s path crosses that of the young, neglected and highly eccentric fox squirrel Kinder, he finds himself grudgingly sucked into the mystery of the new horror terrorizing Arborand. But neither Kinder nor Lute can prepare themselves for the truth behind the tragedy.

Far away in Maplewood, Mariyen, a young seer-in-training, is experiencing terrible nightmares featuring her estranged mother who seems to be harboring a dark secret. All around her is talk of a seasons-old prophecy, a dangerous exile and a squirrel with fur as white as snow, but Mariyen is warned to stay out of it. All she can be certain of is what she feels when she looks out the window to the seemingly innocuous ground.

Death comes from below. And it may be coming for all of them if they do not find the means to stop it.

Overworldfin (5)

One of their number ventured underground.

One of their number promised never to tell.

One of their number broke that promise.

For years, the chipmunk Rin has heard hideous stories of the dangerous Overworld above. Now, a flame has been struck and the chipmunks of the Underworld are preparing for a tentative war—if their undying queen will grant it. What none of them know is that Rin has plans of her own, regardless of what any ruler might decree.

As the underground forces deliberate, aboveground a small war has ended and a larger one is about to begin. The flying squirrel Mariyen and the fox squirrel Kinder start a journey of their own—a journey after the last living white squirrel, Zirreo, a journey that will hopefully give them all the answers they seek about the chaos around them—and save Mariyen’s mother’s soul from the claws of a new evil… if she can be saved at all.

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