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Journals, journals, journals

It’s fair to say I’m a little obsessed. Over the years I’ve collected a number, most of which are still unused, and yet they continue to pile up. Here are a few of them:

I say ‘a few’ because it’s actually not all (not featured are the ten or so journals I filled up in my high school and college years.

Now, journaling itself is not such a big thing for me anymore (last year I made a resolution to pick it up again and made it- impressively, I think- almost through March writing every day before I stopped).  Nowadays I use my journals for poetry (the two bottom left and the far bottom right are filled with rough scribblings), and occasionally to record ideas (the top left and top right have some questionable brain matter recorded inside). The one with the typewriter on it is used for letterboxing, and the middle far right with the fairy was a journal I kept for a week in Ireland.  That leaves eight blank journals , some of which (I’m looking at you, leather tree journal second from right on the bottom) I’ve actually just resigned myself to looking at in admiration and fear of besmirching the pristine pages. I do all my brainstorming, run-on thought process stuff in plain spiral bound notebooks because in my mind it’s not worthy of wasting pages in these beauties. In fact, I’ve never figured out just what is ‘worthy’, which is why I still have so many  unused journals. Oops?

Like any enthusiast, I have favorites. My personal favorite breed of journal is the sort-of-pricy but more-than-sort-of worth it Paperblanks variety. The journals below are all Paperblanks and they. Are. Amazing. Sometimes I visit the website ( just to stroke the screen and murmur sweet nothings. Most of these journals feel like that untouchable, popular kid that always seems to feature in teen dramas, so you have to make the valiant effort to get over their obscene beauty in order to write in them.


What are your favorite journals? Do you have a burgeoning collection that you’ve yet to use or are you the type to seize life by the horns and actually write in nice books you paid good money to write in? LET ME KNOW.


p.s.  ironically, my love of beautiful journals is rivaled only by my love of cheap pens. When will I ever go through 100+ basic papermate/bic/random hotel pens? WHO KNOWS, at least it’s not draining my finances any. The future is thrilling.


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(Belated) New Year’s Resolutions {2015 edition}

I’m a sucker for New Year’s. There’s just something about it as this collectively agreed magical day for starting over, that I really like. I’m not a fan of big new year’s parties or going out, but I like to hang with friends or family and wait for the ball to drop, give a toast with champagne to usher in the new year, all that good stuff ; ). And I ALWAYS make resolutions, most of which I never keep. (in short, I am the epitome of the average person on new years xDD)

I thought that this year instead of just making my resolutions and hiding them away in a journal somewhere, I would share them here on my blog so maybe I won’t fail so hard this time. There are always SO many things I want to do and/or do better, so I had to have a serious think about it and narrow it the fuck down to 5. I feel like sometimes I fail because I set the bar too high and end up performing way under due to the pressure I put on myself. So here are 5 things I would like to achieve in the new year:

  1. submit writing to more places. Okay, I suck at this. The fact that I suck at this is really, really bad.  I was going to have “write more” be my resolution, which has been my writing resolution up until this year, but I feel like I should focus on an area other than producing new stuff.  So this year I want to focus on submitting to literary magazines and getting my newest series agent-ready so I can draft up a query and submit that too.
  2. keep up with this blog. SELF-EXPLANATORY haha. So, you see, writing this here is really killing two birds with one stone xD.
  3. read 100 books. This is a challenge I started and failed last year. I only read 38 (ouch). There are so many books on my to-read list and I really want to comb through a lot of them because they multiply every day.  I’ll be updating my progress on Goodreads.
  4. eat healthier. I know, I know, everyone has this one as well as a work out resolution. I’m not making a workout res this year, I did it last year and actually got halfway through the year before quitting but I am really not inspired even now to work out LOL. This resolution is not to ‘eat healthy’ (I would fail coming from the place I am) but just to ‘eat healthIER’ Let me explain…AVERAGE DAY FOR ME: Breakfast: donuts, Lunch: cheeseburger, cheese fries Snack: chocolate Dinner: chips and dip, something fried. I’m not exaggerating. So this resolution should be pretty easy, the bar is so low. Even if I replace something bad with a single healthy thing, say eat a piece of fruit a day and keep the rest the same, I will still be living up to  this resolution.
  5. get dressed every day. This one is kind of weird, but I would really like to try to abide by it. In general but especially in the cold months, I can be prone to depression and I feel like getting dressed, even if I’ve got nowhere to be, kind of helps in a small way. Also I have a lot of clothes and I would like to have plenty of opportunities to wear it all so at the end of the year I can know what to donate xD

That’s it! There’s more I’d like to do, but I need to pick things to FOCUS on instead of trying to do it all. We’ll see how it goes, maybe I’ll make a post at the end of the year (assuming I keep up with #2, ha. ha. ha.) & see how well I did. Good luck to anyone else who made resolutions this year- I hope everyone keeps at least one & I’ll see you on the other side!!


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