things, pt. II

So…This is an old book I found on one of the shelves at work. LMAO. JUST. What. There’s one picture in the whole thing, too, which is hilarious. Just thought I’d share what 1911 had to offer in the way of reading. (I have to say, though, I’m tempted ; ) )

Speaking of books, I finished this one this week. It’s the second book by Poppy Z. Brite I’ve read (the first was Exquisite Corpse) and I liked Lost Souls SO MUCH BETTER. I liked all the little ways her vampires were different from the cliches (the fact that they’re a different species entirely and that their race has evolved since the beginning is really cool). I can’t believe this book has been out since the early 90’s and I never read it, doh. Anyway, key points: Ghost was badass, I think I was a tiny bit infatuated with Christian (who was totally my favorite character) and I thought it was fucking hilarious how Molochai kept stuffing his face with Hostess. My image of him was hysterical in general. SPEAKING OF WHICH. When I went looking for fanart, which is the logical thing to do right after you finish a good book and are having withdrawal, I was incredibly disappointed. 1) there’s next to no fanart for this book, and 2) a lot of the characters are not drawn how I visualized them at all. (i.e., Zillah. Why does everyone make his hair platinum blond?? Caramel is like…dark, brownish blond. Besides, I pictured it in a ponytail like that one Uruk-Hai had in the LotR movies. *awkward silence* What? hahaha)

One of my favorite things about this time of year is how it stays dark longer in the morning. Reason being, when I have to get up earlier, I at least get to see the dawn, which I’ve always loved. This is what I saw when I arrived at work one morning this week ❤

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  1. PZB-fan

    Always nice to see people discovering Brite’s work. It gives me hope these stories won’t just quietly sink beneath a tide of Stephenie Meyer knock-offs and end up being the horror equivalent of that first book you posted from 1911. I’d rather not think of how many amazing horror/ sci-fi books have ended up that way. It’s why I can appreciate that excited thrill you felt when you “discovered” an incredible story that’s been out for over 20 years.

    No fan-art for “Lost Souls”? You’re joking, yes? There is TONS of it on Deviant Art! Some of it’s mediocre, some of it’s good, some of it will leave you breathless. There aren’t a huge number of artists producing it at any one time, though. Brite’s horror novels were written long before the internet as we know it today existed. Someone could, rightly, argue that’s also true of Anne Rice who has tons of active fan-artists. Unlike Rice’s horror, Brite’s work has never been adapted for the more popular forms of entertainment…. the kind that generates wide-spread attention. There are no “graphic novels”, no television series, no movies. All of that ensures “there are long dry spells” between the creation of new fan art. Usually it’s a case of some artisically motivated person reading the book, falling in love the way you did and suddenly creating one or two pieces. Just the same, people have been creating “Lost Souls” fan art for a long, long time. The earliest piece I have dates from 2003.

    Hopefully, this won’t sound like bragging… it’s just to give you some idea of what’s available. I’ve got 269 files in my Brite fan-art folder and I’m incredibly picky. That isn’t counting the fan-photos either, which account for another 141 files. A few years back several Russian photographers held a huge gallery exhibition to showcase an extensive cos-play photography series based on “Lost Souls”. For some reason, all of Brite’s work has an enormous following in Russia, “Lost Souls” in particular.

    You made me smile when you described searching for fan-art when you’re having withdrawl symptoms. That’s happened to me more times than I’d like to admit. I think I’ve got more fan-art of Prince Nuada from Hellboy II: Rise Of The Golden Army than I do screen caps from the film. At least in Nuada’s case, the artists have an excuse for making him platinum blonde.

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